Increased security for payments

Increased security for payments

The EU has introduced a new regulation called PSD2 which will affect online payments across Europe. It’s a way to protect your bank account and keep your card safe during payments. SoundCloud is working with this regulation to increase payment security for our users, whilst also ensuring that your experience within the platform remains as smooth and seamless as possible.

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What's changing? extra-img
What's changing?

When making a payment you may need to confirm it's really you before completing the purchase. This extra security step will act as a form of two-factor verification that takes place between our platform and your bank. Ultimately, this will reduce the chances of fraud, making things even safer for people across Europe.

When can I expect this? extra-img
When can I expect this?

The changes to the platform are live and you should start seeing authentication requests for all of your future payments on the platform. However, if you do not see an authentication request on your next payment this may depend on your bank not having setup the same framework yet.

How does it work?

When this extra step is applied, you will be transferred to your bank to authenticate the payment and confirm it’s really you. Examples of what you’ll be asked to provide include but are not limited to:

PIN code or password

Something you know (PIN code or password)

Phone or hardware token

Something you have (Phone or hardware token)

Fingerprint or face recognition

Something you are (Fingerprint or face recognition)

Should I do anything to prepare for this?

Taking the following actions will help to ensure that your payments remain as smooth as they can be:

Authentication methods extra-img
Authentication methods

Understand your bank’s chosen authentication methods, banks may choose to carry out the authentication in different ways. Be sure that you are ready for yours.

Bank Contact details extra-img
Bank Contact details

Be sure to update them if they require it.


Can I whitelist purchases from a trusted merchant?
After completing an authentication, it may be possible to add SoundCloud to your list of trusted merchants, and your future payments will not be subject to authentication requests. However, it is dependant on whether your bank currently offers whitelisting.
Can I opt out of PSD2?
No. PSD2 is a non-optional, authentication protocol, aiming to provide an extra layer of security, specifically to your digital transactions.
I have not seen an authentication request before completing a payment, should I be worried?
If you have not seen an authentication request, this could mean that your bank is yet to set this up for your digital transactions. We would advise that you get in touch with them to see when they are looking to implement this.