Promote on SoundCloud

Promote on SoundCloud

Promote on SoundCloud is a new music promotion tool for members of SoundCloud Premier. Start promoting your music to new fans and see more plays — at a budget that works for you.

Promote a track
Reach exactly who you want

Choose targeting options (age, gender, location, device or genre) to get your music in front of the audience you want, at the top of feeds and mobile homepage.

Get more plays that count

With the power of promotion in your hands, you can build buzz around new releases for fans of your genre or market your music to the places you want to tour.

See long-term success

More fans engaging with your tracks means your music is more likely to be picked up by industry tastemakers or labels.

Why join SoundCloud Premier?

With Premier, you can promote your music to new fans on SoundCloud, send it to every major music service, and get paid for your plays everywhere – directly from your SoundCloud account.

SoundCloud Premier is available to all eligible Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers.

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Why join SoundCloud Premier?